“My policy of settling down in every place I have visited, taking life a bit leisurely, then moving on only when the authorities begin asking me my intentions, has been shot to pieces during the week I have been in this delightful city of Havana.”

— James Abbe, London Magazine, 1929

In 1929, James Abbe travelled from Paris to Havana to write an article for the London Magazine about American influence on the island. Ninety years after his visit, Abbe’s granddaughter and great-grandson, along with an associate of the James Abbe Archive, return to Cuba, bringing along a portfolio of images from Abbe’s journey, in advance of the 500th Anniversary of the City of Havana. 

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James Abbe

“During the 1920s and 1930s, James Abbe was among the best-known and most-widely published photographers on the international scene. Prolifically photographing the leading luminaries of the era, Abbe was central to the development of the concept of media-induced celebrity.” From James Abbe: Photographer, forward by Brooks Johnson, Chrysler Museum of Art, 2000

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